Turmoil Between Crowns

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The Turmoil Between Crowns includes the decade of internal schisms in the Great Kingdom during the reign of Overking Nalif, as well as the civil war that followed the ascension of Ivid I.

After a century of misrule by the increasingly decadent Celestial House of Rax, the other nobles of the Great Kingdom agreed that another Rax ruler was unacceptable. The last royal heir of the house was assassinated in 446 CY and Ivid I of the House of Naelax claimed the throne, thus plunging the nation into civil war.

Most of the House of Naelax sided with Ivid, though a few of his cousins did not. The church of Hextor enthusiastically supported Ivid's cause, lending their church armies to the effort. House Cranden opposed the Naelax prince, as did many in the house of Garasteth and, of course, the remnants of House Rax. Nobles of all the Celestial Houses used the war as cover to settle unrelated old scores with one another, thereby increasing the discord of the era. Alliances shifted until 449 CY, when House Darmen elected to back the Naelax under the premise that it's always wise to side with the likely winner. The Darmen troops sacked Rel Deven in Harvester of that year and helped to secure the kingdom's central lands. In Planting of 450, the other houses finally accepted Ivid as Overking, their leading princes paying homage to their new ruler along the Great Way in the Parade of Crowns.


Much knowledge was lost during the Turmoil Between Crowns, including the charts and records of the expeditions of House Atirr. As a condition for accepting his rulership, the rulers of North Province, South Province, and Medegia required Ivid to give them virtual autonomy over their lands. House Cranden attempted to ally South Province with the Iron League, but this ultimately failed. Most priests of Heironeous left the kingdom or were marginalized in isolated areas, speeding the Great Kingdom's decline into evil. The fiend-summoning of House Naelax, unusual at the time of the Turmoil, eventually became commonplace among the kingdom's nobles.