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Greyhawk Deity
Trithereon the Summoner, as depicted in Dragon #68
Title(s) The Summoner
Home Plane Olympian Glades of Arborea
Power Level Intermediate
Gender Male
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Individuality, Liberty, Retribution, Self-Defense
Domains Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength
Alias(es) none
Superior none

Trithereon is the god of Individuality, Liberty, Retribution, and Self-Defense. His holy symbol is the Rune of Pursuit, a triskelion (a symbol resembling a three-armed fylfot/swastika).


Trithereon is depicted as a young man with red-gold hair, tall and well-built, wearing a golden chainmail shirt with clothes of blue or violet. He is armed with three magic weapons: a sword named Freedom's Tongue; a spear called Krelestro, the Harbinger of Doom; and a scepter known as the Baton of Retribution.


Trithereon is a foe of evil and oppression. His love of freedom sometimes causes him to come into conflict with other good deities, such as Pholtus and Heironeous. Bralm hates Trithereon for his promotion of individualism. He is a strong ally of the quasi-deity Krovis, and he is allied with Kurell and Pelor as well. Trithereon is pleased with Lydia's philosophy of individual empowerment through learning.

Trithereon often appears with three summoned animals which serve him without question: Nemoud the Hound, Harrus the Falcon, and Carolk the Sea Lizard.


Trithereon's realm in the first layer of Arborea is called the Forking Road - it exists as part of every road on the layer, granting visitors a glimpse of the major paths in their lives.


Trithereon teaches that everyone deserves life and the right "to choose their own place in the world," and that slavery and tyranny must must be opposed and overthrown. The church should train the common folk to defend themselves and their possessions from those wishing to infringe on their freedoms. Those wronged have the right to seek vengeance, especially if no one else will aid them.

Each of Trithereon's churches has a different focus, due to the fact that the faith preaches individuality over any standardized doctrine, but every church is allied with its brethren.


Priest of Trithereon01.jpg

Tritereon's protective aspect appeals to many people, as does his role as a deity of retribution. Followers of Trithereon often come from, and are found in, the large cities and towns of certain nations, notably northern Furyondy, Geoff, Highfolk, the Shield Lands, Sterich, Sunndi, the Ulek states, and the Yeomanry. Since the Greyhawk Wars, the faith of Trithereon has become one of the fastest-growing religions in the Flanaess, rivaled only by that of Saint Cuthbert.


Trithereon's priests oppose slavery and other forms of oppression. Rugged individualists, they have little fear of questioning authority.

They wear robes of dark blue or purple, with silver or golden trim. Golden-red cassocks bearing the rune of pursuit are worn for special ceremonies. They favor spears, swords, and clubs.

In rural areas, Trithereon's priests often act as border skirmishers and spies (where appropriate). They also work with demihumans and woodsmen, keeping watch against evil humanoids and despots. In urban settings, Trithereon's priests train locals in self-defense and weaponry, practice battle tactics, and recruit like-minded rangers and rogues to train the priesthood in covert conflict and "for the cause of individual liberty." Urban and rural priest both closely watch Lawfully-aligned religions lest they gain too much power.

Other orders

The Knights of the Chase are closely linked with the church of Trithereon.

Temples, holy days, and rituals

Typical services to Trithereon feature ceremonial flames, iron vessels, bells, displays of weaponry, various symbols, and triumphal processions of new converts.

Artifacts and relics


Trithereon's best known artifacts are his sword, Freedom's Tongue; his broad-bladed spear, Krelestro; and the Baton of Retribution, his scepter.


Trithereon02.JPG Trithereon04.jpg


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