Treasures of Greyhawk

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Greyhawk Source
Treasures of Greyhawk
Type Module
Code/ Abbreviation WGR2
Edition AD&D 2nd edition
Author(s) Walter M. Bass et al
First Published 1992
Classification Canon

Treasures of Greyhawk is an adventure module for the World of Greyhawk setting, written for the second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules as the second Greyhawk 'reference' module (WGR2).

The storylines of the adventures are loosely connected, set in various locations throughout the Flanaess. During the various adventures in the book, players can, for example, explore the home of the archmage Bigby, invade a dragon's lair, travel to the demiplane called The Great Maze of Zagyg, and trade riddles with a sphinx.

As the name of the module implies, each of these mini-adventures is designed to focus on a unique treasure in the World of Greyhawk. Such treasures include the Helm of Selnor, the Eye of Nyr Dyv, the Face of Xenous, and the Sword of Azor'alq..

List of adventures

Title Location Levels
"A Little Knowledge" Perrenland 3 - 5
"Bladestar" Free City of Greyhawk 3 - 5
"The Neogi Nest" Free City of Greyhawk 6 - 8
"The Shroud of Karyne" Cairn Hills 5 - 7
"Helm of Selnor" County of Ulek 5 - 7
"Bigby's Modest Home" Free City of Greyhawk / Veluna 6 - 8
"Terror in the Tropics" Amedio Jungle 8 - 10
"On the Town" Jetsom Isle 8 - 10
"Crossing Into Steel" Shield Lands 7 - 9
"Face of Xenous" Free City of Greyhawk 8 - 10
"Well of All Heals" Sunndi Any
"The Wizard Isn't Home" South Shore of the Nyr Dyv 5 - 7
"All For a Hat" County of Urnst 10 - 12
"A Sword for a Hero" Crystalmist Mountains 17 - 19


  • Bass, Walter M., et al. Treasures of Greyhawk. Lake Geneva, WI: TSR, 1992. ISBN 1-56076-366-3.

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