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The Touv Calendar (abbreviated TC) is the calendar most frequently used on the continent of Hepmonaland; it originated among the Touv people, but even Olman and Suel-derived peoples of Hepmonaland now use it or a variant. It is said to have been created by the god Katay.

Year 1 in the Common Year calendar (CY) is equivalent to 1408 in the Touv Calendar. -1 CY is equivalent to 1407 TC. Year 1 (-1407 CY) in the Touv calendar commemorates the crowning of the first Touv king in Kundanol. Before the uniting of the Touv tribes, there were other calendars used as well, but these have been long since forgotten.

Because there are few seasonal variations in temperature in Hepmonaland, the Touv method for keeping time is based on the phases of the moons Kule and Luna, which the Touv call Koxanag and Konola respectively (named for Xanag, goddess of metals and beauty, and Nola, goddess of the sun).

The Touv recognize thirteen months instead of the twelve months and four festival weeks of the calendar used in the Flanaess, and as a result there is no direct correspondence between Touv months and Flanaess months. The Olman Lunar calendar divides the year in the same way the Touv calendar does, however.

Month Season
Forging Winter
Birthing Spring
Thunder Spring
Storm Spring
Calving Low Summer
Weaving Low Summer
Herding Low Summer
Mining High Summer
Fire High Summer
Harvest High Summer
Feast Autumn
Lovers Autumn
Prayer Winter