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Four Touv humans, as depicted in The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999). Art by Sam Wood.

Touv is generally used in reference to the Touv people, a race of humans living in Hepmonaland, though the term may also refer to the language and culture of said people. The Touv use the Touv Calendar for keeping time.

The Touv people are known for warring with the Olman people in the northern jungles over the Olman Empire's practices of taking slaves and ritual sacrifice. Touv have built cities in Hepmonaland and the Amedio Jungle.


In the The Scarlet Brotherhood sourcebook, Sean K. Reynolds described the Touv thus:

The Touv people have dark brown or black skin. The also have blue or brown eyes, with black eyes being rare; and straight or wavy hair. They have rounded facial features and are typically shorter than most people of the Flanaess, with the tallest Touv reaching about 5'10" in height. While most Touv males do not have facial hair, certain subgroups can grow narrow beards on their chins. Women's figures are often round and lush. They speak Touv, a complex language that is a polyglot of tribal tongues containing many words that mean the same thing.


The following deities make up the Touv pantheon: