Theodain Eriason

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Greyhawk Character
Theodain Eriason
Theodain Eriason, as depicted in Living Greyhawk Journal #0 (2000). Art by Sam Wood.
Homeland Loftwick
Gender Male
Race High elf
Age Almost 300
Class Wizard 17
Alignment Chaotic neutral

Theodain Eriason is a powerful elven wizard, and one of the newest members of the Circle of Eight. Theodain is the Circle's first non-human member. A native of the Yeomanry, Theodain operates throughout the Sheldomar Valley, but he makes his home in a small country estate outside Loftwick.


Theodain is tall and gaunt for an elf. His hair is black, with a silver streak. His skin is very pale. He is sarcastic, arrogant, intelligent, and strongly in favor of the Circle of Eight intervening more strongly in world affairs. His cold demeanor has caused some to mistake him for a creature of evil.


Theodain was born in the western Dreadwood. His family moved to the Yeomanry, near Loftwick, after the Yeomanry League declared its independence from Keoland. Theodain began his career as a warrior, and didn't take up the study of magic until 470 CY, when his father, who had been a Grossspokesman, died. He studied magic with elven wizards in the Dreadwood and at the magic school in Gradsul.

Theodain has adventured widely, from the Underdark beneath the Hellfurnaces to battling elemental cults in the Hool Marshes.

In 585 CY, Theodain was invited to join the Circle of Eight by Drawmij, who hoped to gain him as an ally against Jaran Krimeeah. At least, this is what Return of the Eight tells us. Living Greyhawk Journal #0 says that Drawmij argued vehemently against Theodain's inclusion, and treats him with only bland acceptance today.


Theodain enjoys the company of Drawmij, Nystul, Otto, and Jallarzi Sallavarian, though Nystul argued against the acceptance of non-human members and the canon disagrees on Drawmij's relationship with him. Alhamazad and Warnes Starcoat treat Theodain with coolness. Theodain views them with suspicion and they see him as an irresponsible hothead. Theodain openly questions Mordenkainen's leadership at times, to the bare-pated wizard's annoyance.

Theodain's greatest friend and ally is the Greyhawk dragon Hautna Masq, who has been known to assume his appearance and masquerade as him while in the Yeomanry.


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