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The Bonewood, known as the Thelwood before the Greyhawk Wars, is a small woodland located with the United Kingdom of Ahlissa's Marchland of Chathold.


During the time of Lum the Mad, the Thelwood was populated by Ur-Flannae sorcerers, who Lum fought against. The name Thelwood is presumably related to the Thelly River, and thus the name of the Kingdom of Thalland.

Between 583-588 CY the Thelwood experienced an alteration in its character, its trees turned into a bone-like substance. At this point, many of the forest's residence left and took up residence in the city of Rel Deven, which is located on the southeast edges of the forest on the Thelly River. Dark sorcery is believed to be responsible for this transformation and the Bonewood has suffered a rather woeful reputation since this occurrence.


The Bonewood is the northernmost source of the Thelly River.

Flora and fauna

While it was once a lush forest, animal life has almost all vanished since the Thelwood's transformation. The treants who once inhabited the woods have also vanished. Some 80% of the wood is entirely lifeless, with only the bonelike, leafless trees still standing.


Only 1,000 or so of the 5,000 foresters who once inhabited the wood remain; most of these live on the very margins of the abhorrently transformed woodland. The wood elves, voadkyn, and even a few druids of Obad-hai who once inhabited the forest have also left. Any who remain are plagued with nightmares, madness, and disease.

Publishing history

The Bonewood appears on the map in the 1983 World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting boxed set by Gary Gygax, but isn't described or named. It is first described in Ivid the Undying by Carl Sargent.


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