The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror

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Greyhawk Source
The Land Beyond
the Magic Mirror
Land Beyond the Magic Mirror01.jpg
Type Adventure module
Code/ Abbreviation EX2
Edition AD&D 1st edition
Author(s) Gary Gygax
First Published 1983
Series EX1 EX2
Classification Canon
This article is about the module. For the demiplane of the same name, see Land Beyond the Magic Mirror.

The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror (EX2) is a Dungeons & Dragons module written for use with the First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game and set in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting.

This module, like its companion Dungeonland, is actually a close adaptation of a work of fiction by Lewis Carroll, in this case Through the Looking Glass. D&D creator Gary Gygax adapted the module from his own D&D campaign.

To keep the surprise in the game, the module advises dungeon masters to keep the players in the dark about what is happening as long as possible, although well-read players will eventually recognize the monsters and situations.

In keeping with its sense of oddness and surprise, the cover of this module depicts a scene that appears in its companion adventure EX1 Dungeonland (a battle with a hangman tree). In the same way the cover image of Dungeonland shows an encounter that takes place in this module (the attack of the roc raven).


Receiving 9 out of 10, The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror was positively reviewed in issue 48 of White Dwarf magazine. Reviewer Jim Bambra enjoyed its sense of humor and exciting role-play, but criticized that the module needn't have been written for such high level characters (a common problem in early modules), and could have been modified for lower level ones.


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