The Gnome Cache

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The Gnome Cache was a seven-part unfinished novella by Gary Gygax (writing as Garrison Ernst) that appeared in the earliest issues of Dragon Magazine. It was serialized in Dragon #1, #2, #3, #5, #6, and #7.

The story followed the adventures of Dunstan of the House of Rodigast, a merchant's son who robbed his father in order to fund his adventuring career. Some of the lands he travels through are at least vaguely recognizable by modern Greyhawk fans, including Rauxes and Blackmoor, while others, such as Kimbry, Rheyton, and Weal, are less familiar. Saint Cuthbert is mentioned (as "Saint Cuthburt") and the final installment seems to feature followers of Wastri.

The name of the Kingdom of Thalland and Nehron as an earlier name for Nyrond come from here.