The Ghost Tower of Inverness

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The Ghost Tower of Inverness
Ghost Tower01.jpg
Type Adventure Module
Code/ Abbreviation C2
Edition 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Author(s) Allen Hammack
First Published 1979
Classification Canon
This article is about the module. For the tower of the same name, see Ghost Tower of Inverness.

The Ghost Tower of Inverness is an AD&D first edition adventure module, set in the game's World of Greyhawk campaign setting. The edifice to which the module's title refers is an ancient magical tower located in the southern Abbor-Alz Hills. The "C" in the module code represents the first letter in the word "competition," the name of C1 - C6 module series.

The adventure was written by Allen Hammack and originally used in November 1979 as a tournament module for Wintercon VIII in Detroit, Michigan. A printed version bearing a green monochrome cover without the "C2" designation was made available for sale at the convention, although that version was never published for general distribution. his version of the module is quite rare and is highly prized by collectors.[1]

In 1980, the adventure was officially published as AD&D module C2 with a red cover and color cover art by Jim Roslof. Interior artists included Jeff Dee, Greg K. Fleming, David S. LaForce, David C. Sutherland III, and Erol Otus. As module "C2", it was the second in the C series of modules, a group of unrelated adventures originally designed for competition play.


The Ghost Tower of Inverness was ranked the 30th greatest Dungeons & Dragons adventure of all time by Dungeon magazine in 2004, on the 30th anniversary of the Dungeons & Dragons game.


  • Hammack, Allen. The Ghost Tower of Inverness. Lake Geneva, WI: TSR, 1980.

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