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Greyhawk Realm
Kingdom of Thalland
Region Old Aerdy East
Government Feudal Monarchy
Established Great Migrations era
Major Towns
Races Human
Religions Heironeous, Oeridian pantheon
Enemies Medegian Bladelands

The Kingdom of Thalland was one of many petty realms extant before the founding of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. It was created by the Thallari sub-tribe of the Aerdi people. The Thallari worshiped all the Oeridian gods, but held Heironeous above all others.

The exact location of Thalland is the subject of some dispute. Bastion of Faith claims it "arose" along the Harp River valley, while the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer claims it gave its name to the Thelly River. Given that Thalland seemed to abut the Medegian Bladelands (BoF.8), it is most likely that the kingdom stretched from the Harp River valley to the Thelly.

The most famous personage to arise from the Kingdom of Thalland was Ferrante, who was considered by some to be a saint.


The time of Thalland's height is unclear. Bastion of Faith claims it was 303 CY, but this is impossible because the Great Kingdom was long-established in the region at that point (and, indeed, had been since -217 CY (428 OR)). It was more likely either -303 CY or 303 OR (-341 CY). This is further supported by references in the work suggesting that the Bastion of Faith is at least 700 years old (BoF.41, 76, 77, 78).

Thalland warred with the equally ancient Medegian Bladelands, their conflicts eventually exhausting one another to the point that the fledgling Kingdom of Aerdy conquered them both. Of Thalland, no trace remains.

Publishing history

"The Great Kingdom of Thalland" was one of the nations mentioned in Gary Gygax's story "The Gnome Cache."