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Telchuria is an ice-covered continent at the north pole of Oerth. It is one of the planet's four continents, the others being Oerik, Hepmonaland, and an as-yet unnamed fourth continent on the opposite side of the Oerth from the Flanaess.

Telchuria is named for the Oeridian god of winter, Telchur. Telchuria is sometimes referred to as High Boros or Hyborea.


Telchuria is an ice-covered land surrounded on all sides by the Dramidj Ocean, interrupted by a large bridge of ice connecting the continent to Western Oerik. It is possible that, in the depth of winter, a smaller natural ice bridge forms between Telchuria and the Land of Black Ice. Telchuria is estimated to have an area of five to ten million square miles.

High mountains, deep crevices, and volcanoes have all been reported on the continent.


Telchuria has an arctic climate, as it exists almost entirely above the sixtieth degree of latitude.


Telchuria is inhabited by frost giants, white dragons, and other cold-dwelling creatures. Human barbarians have also been sighted, and one mountainous region is said to be inhabited by dwarves and gnomes.

Features and settlements

The mysterious valley of Rigodruok is said (G:TAB, page 10) to exist at the geographical north pole, its strange artificial sun floating directly above it.


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