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Polar Caps (from Wikipedia talk page for Oerth)

"Oerth has an axial tilt of 30 degrees, which results in larger polar caps and would have caused shorter summers in temperate areas but for wizardly and divine magic shifting weather patterns to be more favorable to the populace (at least the god-fearing folks)."

I'm afraid this statement, which has been in the article for a long time, is just plain wrong. A world with larger axial tilt (technically known as 'obliquity') would have smaller ice caps and be less likely to suffer from ice ages, not the other way round.

The reason for this is that planetary surfaces, particularly those covered (at least partially) with seas, heat up faster than they cool down; oceans in particular retaining a lot of energy. We should expect Oerth to be a lot warmer than it is, but for the old divine magic...

Conversely, a planet with a smaller obliquity than our own Earth would be cooler and more prone to ice ages. Earth's obliquity does vary over time (it's one of the Milankovitch cycles), and many scientists think that periods of lower obliquity are causes of glaciation. So, I'm going to edit the main page to reflect this, yes it's a fantasy world but the existing info is wrong.--Wikipedia User:Efnisien 13:33, 15 June 2007 (UTC)--Robbastard 12:49, 29 July 2007 (EDT) (added for clarity)