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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) The Celestial Lion
Home Plane Elysium
Power Level Celestial paragon
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral good
Superior None

Talisid is a powerful guardinal.


Talisid is the prince of the guardinals, a humanoid lion of demigod-level power. With his Five Companions he patrols Elysium and beyond, protecting Good and destroying Evil.

Talisid has been the leader of the Five Companions for thousands of years. He does not permit pride or other emotions to interfere with his mission.

Other media

Guardinals debuted as several cards in the Blood Wars card game in 1995, including among them Duchess Callisto, Duke Lucan, Duke Windheir, Lord Hwhyn, Lord Rhanok, and Talisid the Leonal Prince.


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