Sunsebb Sodality

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Greyhawk Organization
Sunsebb Sodality
Type Religious sect
Founded Unknown, after 203 CY

The Sunsebb Sodality is a cryptic sect centered on the veneration of Saint Kargoth and his fellow death knights. Little is known of its scope or organization, although it is suitably chaotic in that it is known to lack any cohesive organizational structure, or doctrine other than the accumulation of power through the spreading of evil deeds.

The King of the Death Knights himself cares little for the cult. Its members do not gain any divine magic from the death knights to whom they pay devotion.

Certain renegade Hextorians, centered on the North Kingdom and other parts of the former Great Kingdom, are also known to venerate Kargoth. What, if any, ties they have to the Sodality are unknown.


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