Summer Solstice

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Occuring on Richfest 4, the Summer Solstice, also called Midsummer Day, marks the beginning of high summer on the Greyhawk Calendar. This is the longest day of the year, but the night is especially significant, as this is when both Luna and Celene shine full in the sky, drawing the beast out of the world's lycanthropes and possibly heralding other portentous events. The sun, Liga, appears furthest north among the stars on this date.

Holidays and observances

Holidays celebrated during the summer solstice include:

  • The faithful of Rao consider the night of the summer solstice to be an especially holy time, for they believe the moons were Rao's gift to guide humanity from the darkness of Tharizdun.
  • The worshippers of the giant god Surtr celebrate midsummer as their holiest time as well.

In other media

In Rose Estes' novel The Eyes Have It, this holiday is called the Festival of Blossoms. The Festival of Blossoms is presented as a major holiday in the city of Loftwick.


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