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Greyhawk Realm
Free City-State of Stoink
Motto/Nickname Wasp Nest
Region Bandit Kingdoms
Ruler Boss Renfus the Mottled
Government Autocracy
Capital Stoink
Major Towns Stoink
Provinces Nine wards, two suburbs
Coinage Various
Population 13,300
Languages Common, Orc, Halfling
Alignments CN, CE, NE, N, LE,
Religions Iuz and various others
Allies Iuz
Enemies Nyrond, County of Urnst, Duke Ehyeh III (Tenh), Dimre (distrusted)

Stoink is an idependent city-state under the suzerainty of the Empire of Iuz.


After the Aerdy migration eastward and the founding of the Great Kingdom and the Viceroyalty of Ferrond this area was known as the "Middle Lands" and was ruled over by petty Barons, ill-favored nobles. Stoink was established as a military outpost.

After the Kingdom of Furyondy was established in 254 CY the "Middle Lands" fell into complete degeneracy and chaos. In time, these petty Barons formed independant domains and loosely aligned themselves as the "Combination of Free Lords." By the early 300's they were known as the "Bandit Kingdoms."

In 583 CY, during the Greyhawk Wars, the armies of Iuz moved east conquering the Bandit Kingdoms. After witnessing the fate of Arronsamay and Johrase, Stoink quickly declared for Iuz. Stoink was the first of three regional capitals created by Iuz in 584 CY.


Stoink is an independant city-state under the suzerainty of the Empire of Iuz and is serving Iuz as a regional capital.


Lord mayor "Boss" Renfus the Mottled, a fearless and grossly overweight autocrat.


Stoink sponsors brigand raids into northern Nyrond and the County of Urnst. The brigands also raid the supply trains of Duke Ehyeh III as he tries to supply his forces engaged in an attempt to recover his lost realm, the Duchy of Tenh.

Goods from the Great Kingdom to the distant Baklunish states of Tusmit and Ekbir can be found here. Stoink boast a rope-walk, tanneries, armories and a brisk trade in spars, timber and slaves.


Stoink has nine wards and two suburbs;

There's Holdroon, with its mercenary companies, brigand gangs, brothels, gambling palors and other low dens located along Serpent Lane and Suggil Way. You can find the Horn and Haunch tavern here; the proprietor's name is Tubb, the serving wench is Amy and the wine and food are exceptional, with many fine cheeses from far off Ket, Perrenland, the Yeomanry and a city of the Frustii called Djekul. Holdroon is also home to the Double Dagger tavern.

Then there's Ratswarf, with its freebooters, bargemen, riffraff and tons of stolen cargos from every place imaginable.

In Stoink proper a traveler can find the Three Gables Inn, where Gord the Rogue once stayed, on the west end of town. The local Thieves' Guild is blatantly advertised by a large, colorful sign and is located on Safe Avenue in the Norward between Slave Market and Stonegate, which is the eastern entryway to Stoink and divides Claybrick Ward and Greatward. Uve Paulic is the Assistant Guildmaster and can usually be found in back. There's also a Master thief named Gellor here, who is far more than he seems. A low ranking thief named Stoat usually attends the front office.


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