Stark Mounds

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The Stark Mounds are probably very old and weathered mountains growing from the Crystalmist Mountains toward the Javan River. They divide the nations of Geoff and Sterich, but were claimed mainly by Geoff.


The Stark Mounds contain few mines or resources of any kind, although the slopes are fairly fertile.


The inhabitants of the Stark Mounds were mostly gnomes, but also included clans of mountain dwarves. Both gnomes and dwarves were driven from the area when the giants recently invaded from the Crystalmists. They fled to the Good Hills, the Dim Forest, or further into the Gran March and Keoland. The Mounds are currently inhabited mainly by hill giants and evil humanoids.

A type of undead known as the swordwraith is also common in the Stark Mounds. This is most likely due to a curse of the archmage Vargalian, uttered during the Battle of Gorna in 450 CY. Swordwraiths are known to attack the giants controlling the Stark Mounds. They can also be found in the Bone March and beneath the ruins of Castle Greyhawk.

Features and settlements

Beneath the Stark Mounds are the Fading Land known as the Mines of Dumathoin.


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