Society of the Serpent

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Society of the Serpent
Society of the Serpent01.png
The symbol of the Society of the Serpent
Type Scholarly order
Founded circa -610 CY
Members Magi (any race or alignment)
Symbol Serpent motif
Headquarters Cloud citadel
Allies Crescent League (occasionally), Telless ve Turu Decada (occasionally)
Enemies Azure Masks, Fratern Milblinnis (pending awareness they exist))

The Society of the Serpent exists for the acquisition and safekeeping of magical knowledge; they are particularly interested in ancient and lost cultures such as the Suloise, the Baklunish Empire, and the City of the Gods. They hope to establish themselves as a secret power across the Flanaess, manipulating it for its own good.


Although new members are told that the Society was founded in the Suel Empire around 1500 SD, it was actually founded a little over 1,200 years ago by the half-Suloise, half-Flan archmage Krritarius. While exploring the Flanaess, he came across the symbol of Keraptis in the Rakers. Krritarius researched the serpent motif and decided to use it as the symbol of his society.

Even in those days, the Society of the Serpent was a group that transcended nation and race, establishing a neutral place where Suloise, Baklunish, and Flan could meet and exchange knowledge. After the Twin Cataclysms the Society went underground, fearing the reaction of the common people to the ill that magic had wrought. There they have remained.


Members of the Society of the Serpent often intertwine stylized snakes with their own personal sigils, symbols, or initials, which helps members recognize one another. Nonmembers who use the stylized snake motif in an attempt to masquerade as members of the Society often turn up dead.


The Society of the Serpent is based in a cloud citadel floating through the skies above the Oerth. They also have several secret libraries and laboratories throughout the Flanaess, some of them in the Sea of Dust and the Bright Desert.

Their former headquarters, the Tower of Art, was destroyed in the Rain of Colorless Fire. They have vowed to never allow their accumulated knowledge and lore to be trapped in one place ever again.


The Society of the Serpent has a rivalry with the Azure Masks, both groups often competing over the same secrets and lore. The Society has on various occasions entered into alliances with the Crescent League and the Telless ve Turu Decada for reasons of their own, although they have no formal ties to those organizations. As of late 591 CY, it knows nothing of the mage-hating Fratern Milblinnis, but will surely turn all its energies into destroying them as soon as it does.