Society of Magi

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Greyhawk Organization
Society of Magi
Type Magical Society
Founded 1st century CY
Leader Torrentz Hebvard
Headquarters Free City of Greyhawk
Allies Guild of Wizardry

The Society of Magi is based in the Free City of Greyhawk. Though many people mistakenly believe that the Society of Magi is part of the Guild of Wizardry, this is not exactly true. While many magicians are members of both organizations, they are two separate and distinct entities. The Society is in fact far older and much more insular.


The Society was founded in the late second-century CY by a wandering group of magicians who had been exiled from the Great Kingdom, though there are some who insist that these early spellcasters were actually from the city of Dyvers.

Long before the renaissance that brought Greyhawk to prominence in the fourth century CY, the Society found itself along the Selintan. It was about this time that one of the members, a person remembered only as the Grey Sage, founded Grey College.

The Society's primary concern has always been the visibility and power of Greyhawk and its mages, even when the present city was little more than a backwater town. This made the magicians of the Society among the first to see the potential and value of the place that would eventually become the "Gem of the Flanaess." It's members were influential in founding both Grey College and the Guild of Wizardry itself.

The Society has always been a relatively democratic group, electing a President to serve a two year term of office. By the city charter of 498 CY, the President of the Society holds a seat on the Directing Oligarchy of Greyhawk.


At present there are more than 100 magi who make up the Society's membership, but they are rarely found together. The personal interests of each member are as varied as the magi themselves. The Society is usually broken down into coteries, each of them being devoted to their own special interest. At least once a year the entire group meets together, usually at the private home of one of the members, although inns, hostelries, or other suitable places have been used. It is rumored to be quite an event which has, on more than one occasion, resulted in extremely remarkable displays of preposterous foolery, fantastic bravado, and spectacular sorcerous artistry.


The current President of the Society of Magi is Torrentz Hebvard. Prior to Hebvard's presidency, the position was held by Kieren Jalucian, Master of the Guild of Wizardry, who served as interregnum President of the Society after the unfortunate death of his predessor, Otiluke.


It is rumored that a small cadre within the Society has an audacious plan to build a flying ship. Rumors exist of similar plans among magical guilds in Gradsul, Dyvers, and Radigast City and this is cited as the impetuous for the Society's own schemes.

Another group within the Society has set in motion plans to restore the ruins of the infamous Castle Greyhawk. Such plans have been discussed for over a century, but they have always been abandoned because of strong opposition from one or another group within the Society. But the recent disappearence of the mage Tenser has deprived the dissenters of their strongest leader, as he was known for his most vehement objections. With Tenser gone, yet another expedition to the Castle's ruins is in the offing and skilled adventures are actively being sought for the attempt.