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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Suel Imperium
Gender Male
Race Human (Suel)
Age Unknown
Class Magic-user
Alignment Unknown

Slerotin, also known as Slerotin the Wily, The One Possessed, the Magus, and the Last Mage of Power, was a mighty spellcaster from the last days of the Suel Imperium.


Slerotin had at least nine apprentices whom he taught the basics of power magic. Nine of his apprentices went on to found House Maure in the Duchy of Ulek. Other apprentices of Slerotin became the seers who founded the order of the Silent Ones.


Prior to the Rain of Colorless Fire, Slerotin advised the emperor Ad-Zol of the Suel not to invoke the Invoked Devastation that would destroy the Baklunish Empire. The emperor disagreed and ordered the Invocation. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)

Slerotin is best known for leading twelve (some say eighteen) tribes of Suloise through the Lost Passage of Slerotin after the Rain of Colorless Fire, allowing all but one tribe to escape the Sea of Dust into what is now called the Yeomanry. The last tribe, the Lerara, entered the tunnel late and were delayed by a battle between several nobles. When Slerotin sealed the passage shut, the Lerara were trapped beneath the earth. There they still remain. Tribes that successfully made the journey with Slerotin include the Lizhal, Malhel, Neheli, Rhola, and Zelrad.

After the journey through the Passage, the historian Uhas of Neheli wrote that Slerotin was "nearly consumed" and "at death's door from his exertions." Slerotin supposedly prophesied that the most powerful of the Suel tribes who came with him would combine with a "noble people" and found a great nation. Then he expired in a boom of thunder that leveled the nearby trees into the shape of an arrow pointing toward the future Kingdom of Keoland. (Living Greyhawk Gazetteer)

Centuries later, some of Slerotin's apprentices would revisit the Sea of Dust, only to witness their master upbraiding them for returning to the land where they had once conjured the Invoked Devastation. He told them they had reawakened the murdered nation's spirit, which would now not rest until the entire world was consumed by the same evil spell that had once destroyed the empire of the Baklunish. (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk)


  • Slerotin's Fortitude


Slerotin is known to have authored the following works:


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