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Greyhawk Organization
Slave Lords
Kalen Lekos01.jpg
Kalen Lekos, headquarters of the Slave Lords, as depicted in Slavers (2000).
Type Criminal
Founded 569-573
Members Slavers
Leader The Nine
Headquarters Kalen Lekos, Pomarj
Allies Orcish Empire of the Pomarj, Scarlet Brotherhood
Enemies Lords of Gearnat, others

The Slave Lords are an organization of slavers who have terrorized the lands surrounding the Sea of Gearnat for over two decades. The group's modus operandi has generally been to raid coastal villages for slaves, aboard ships with yellow sails.


Slavers raid a settlement.

The Slave Lords evolved out of a similar organization known as "The Nine," which was founded by Stalman Klim, sometime between 569 and 573 CY. Klim, a human priest of the Earth Dragon from the hidden Pomarj town of Suderham, had left Suderham in 569 CY to explore the Flanaess, where he gathered a number of allies, including drow and members of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

In 574 CY, Klim and his allies returned to Suderham, where they slew its last king, Roderic and took control of the town. By 576, the organization had become known as the Slave Lords, though its ruling council was still known as the Nine.

From 576 to 580 CY, the Slave Lords thrived, raiding for slaves in a number of towns on the Gearnat coast, making slaves one of the Pomarj's most valuable exports. The Slave Lords' operations came to an end in 580, due to the machinations of adventurers hired by a coalition of legal authorities known as the Lords of Gearnat, and the destruction of Suderham by a volcanic eruption.

By 591 CY, however, reports had arisen that the Slave Lords had began their depredations once more, finding a new ally in the likes of Turrosh Mak, a powerful despot who had gained control of the Pomarj during the Greyhawk Wars. Their current leadership is unclear, though many suspect a number of the original leaders are still thriving.


Little detail is known about the hierarchy of the Slave Lords. What is known is that the ruling body is the Nine, known variously as the Inner Council, the Council of the Nine, and the Nine of the Inner Council. These individuals make policy for the entire organization, and are assumed to hold the title of Slave Lord (A1-4.45, 95, 105, 127).

Below the Nine is the Outer Council (or Outer Council of the Lords), presumably made up of the leaders of regional operations. These individuals seem to hold the rank of "Minor Lord" (A1-4.16, 45, 57).

The total number of Slave Lords on the Inner and Outer Councils is said to be twenty (A1-4.23).

Below the Outer Council is assumed to be the rank and file of the organization.


The Slave Lords have close ties to the cult of the Earth Dragon, the Scarlet Brotherhood, and the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj. They also have a working relationship with the criminal organization of Dyvers known as the Alliance. During their heyday (576-580 CY), the Slave Lords also had ties to the drow of Erelhei-Cinlu.

Enemies of the Slave Lords include the Lords of Gearnat, a coalition of nations in the vicinity of the Sea of Gearnat whose lands were raided by the Slave Lords from 576-580 CY. The exact composition of this alliance is unknown, but it certainly included much of the Wild Coast and perhaps Onnwal. Hardby, Greyhawk City, and Irongate may also have been involved.


The Slave Lords have a number of bases of operation. The best-known are:


A scene aboard the Ghoul.

The ships of the Slave Lords typically sport yellow sails--actually thin covers placed over the ships functional sails, which can be furled when anonymity is required (Slavers.19). During the period of 576-580 CY, purple sails were sometimes used as well (A1-4.8, 12, 14, 15, 20, 23). Known ships of the Slave Lords include:

  • The Bloodwort, a purple-sailed ship captained by Captain Joinville. (A1-4.17, 45)
  • The Eternal Sun, a cog operating on the Nyr Dyv. (Slavers.19-20)
  • The Ghoul, a purple-sailed galley captained by Captain Girana. (A1-4.19-23, 45)
  • The Longspan, a cog operating on the Nyr Dyv. (Slavers.19-20)
  • The Radiance, a cog operating on the Nyr Dyv. (Slavers.19-20)
  • The Water Dragon, a small private galley used by the Nine on the crater lake surrounding Suderham. (A3.4, 19-20, 22, 25; A1-4.112, 121-122)

Known members, 576-580 CY

The Nine

Known members of the Nine from 576-580 include:


  • Ragnar Ruvik, dwarven fighter and brother of Agnar Ruvik. Leader of Slave Lord operations in Elredd. Holds the rank of Minor Lord. (A1-4.15-16)
  • Hazzard, human mage and Ragnar's right-hand. (A1-4.16)
  • Carn, an elderly human fighter running The Broken Rudder, a tavern in Elredd. (A1-4.15)
  • Knocker, a human thief operating out of the Broken Rudder. (A1-4.16)



Sea of Gearnat

The Slavers' Stockade


Known members, 591 CY to present

The current Slave Lords consist of:

Inner Circle

Markessa and Devon.


  • Davis the Reaver, a fighter in charge of operations in Elredd. (A3.10; Slavers.77)
  • Piera, Child of the Dragon, a priestess of the Earth Dragon in Elredd. (Slavers.77-78)
  • Rurik the Taskmaster, a fighter in charge of training troops for Turrosh Mak. (Slavers.78)



  • Markessa the Gold (AKA Tanva), an elven enchantress. A duplicate of Markessa in charge (with Braks) of operations in Highport. (Slavers.92-93)
  • Braks, a half-orc fighter in charge (with Markessa the Gold) of operations in Highport. (Slavers.92-93)

Kalen Lekos

Sevant's Tower

Slavers Cove

  • Markessa the Red, a wood elf mage/thief once known as Tynley. A duplicate of Markessa in charge of Slavers Cove. (Slavers.27)

Woolly Bay