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Greyhawk Character
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Unknown (deceased)
Class Cleric 10
Alignment Lawful good

Serten was a powerful priest of Saint Cuthbert and member of the Citadel of Eight.


Though he had low intelligence and was never truly respected by the rest of the Citadel of Eight, Serten was well-meaning, kindly, and likable and seen as useful. He liked to adventure, but wasn't seen as competent enough to go on his own, as he was often too dumb to run away when in danger and he seldom planned ahead.


Serten was a member of the Citadel of Eight and won the friendship of Tenser. He is rumored to be a member of the Ring of Five.


Serten was slain 569 CY at the Battle of Emridy Meadows, having finally been permitted to adventure without the rest of his party. Tenser blamed Mordenkainen for his death and left the Citadel of Eight over the issue.


Serten is associated with Serten's spell immunity, though as a 10th level cleric he is unlikely to have developed what was an 8th level magic-user spell himself.

Magic items

Serten's Ring grants a continuous Serten's Spell Immunity effect while worn. It is currently in the possession of Lakaster of Winetha.


Serten is said in Dragon #82 to have authored Arcane Resistance of Dwarves and Halflings, an arcane spellbook.

Creative origins

Serten was originally a cleric played by Ernie Gygax, one of Gary Gygax's sons. Like Tenser, another of Ernie's characters, Serten is an anagram of his name, Ernest. Ernie also played Erac's Cousin and Erac.

Publishing history

Although Serten was clearly labeled a cleric in The Rogues Gallery and the Living Greyhawk Journal #0, the existence of the Spell Immunity spell, his purported authorship of a wizardly spellbook, and a rumor in Greyhawk Ruins all point to the existence of a wizard called Serten. Ivid the Undying refers to Serten as a "legendary archmage."


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