Seer of Urnst

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Greyhawk Character
The Seer of Urnst
The Seer of Urnst, as depicted in The Ghost Tower of Inverness. Art by Jeff Dee.
Homeland Duchy of Urnst
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Wizard

The Seer of Urnst held the position of Chief Magical Councilor to the Duke in the Duchy of Urnst before his disappearance.


The Seer was a gaunt figure most commonly seen in a robe, his face obscured by a pointed cowl. His gnarled hands were the only naked flesh he permitted others to see. His voice was musical, with an undertone of malevolence. He is rumored to have practiced dark, forbidden rites.


Warnes Starcoat had been the Seer's junior assistant, and Jallarzi Sallavarian had been one of his students before Warnes took over that role. Warnes and the Seer did not get along, and Warnes left Urnst over their differences. The Seer seems to have had great influence over the ducal court.

The Seer of Urnst was a member of the Seekers of the Arcane.


The Seer was Chief Magical Councilor during the reign of Duke Justinian and at the beginning of Karll's reign. He vanished mysteriously a few years before Warnes Starcoat assumed his title in 576 CY.