Seelie Court

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Greyhawk Organization
Seelie Court
Type Divine
Members Sylvan deities
Leader Titania
Headquarters The Seelie Court
Allies Seldarine
Enemies Unseelie Court
Greyhawk Plane
Seelie Court
Type Outer
Layers 1
Alignment Chaotic Good
Native Inhabitants Fey
Greyhawk Powers Titania, Oberon, Caoimhin, Damh, Eachthighern, Emmantiensien, Fionnghuala, Nathair Sgiathach, Skerrit, Squelaiche, Verenestra,

The Seelie Court is a large, loose confederation of gods that consists of the leader Titania and her consort Oberon, as well as the following gods: Caoimhin, Damh, Eachthighern, Emmantiensien, Fionnghuala, Nathair Sgiathach, Skerrit, Squelaiche, and Verenestra. The Seelie Court stands united in opposition to the Queen of Air and Darkness.


The Seelie Court is divided into two circles. The Inner Circle is closely associated with Queen Titania, and includes her consort Oberon, their children Damh and Verenestra, their court jester Squelaiche, and Eachthighern, their steed. The Outer Circle is more loosely allied, and either do not consider Titania to be their liege, as Skerrit does not, or spend most of their time away from the court, as Fionnghuala does. Still, Titania bears them as much love as she does the members of the Inner Circle.

The Seelie Court is allied with the Seldarine, or elven pantheon. Erevan Ilesere, who is said to be Eachthighern's mother, is an especially close ally.


The Seelie Court is its own planar realm that travels between the various Upper Planes as its members desire, most frequently on the Beastlands (on the twilit layer of Brux), Ysgard, and Arborea. It normally manifests as a wooded area with many glades. Its weather changes in accordance with Titania's mood; it may be peaceful and calm or tempestuous and wild. It is normally lit by moonlight, but Titania can summon sunlight if she desires.

The members of the Court dwell in thickets, bowers, or underground halls, or hidden behind veils of magic. The souls of those who worshiped members of the Inner Circle in life dwell here as well, moving as the Court does.

The flow of time is variable and strange in this realm, so visitors may return to other realms and planes to find that more or less time has passed than they experienced. Glimpses of the past and future may be seen in reflective surfaces throughout the realm. Visitors are advised against accepting gifts from residents of the Seelie Court, as this may bind them in fealty to the givers.

Avatars of the Seelie Court may also hunt within the Fading Land known as the Court of Rings.


Originally, under the moons that shown before history began, the Seelie Court existed in a deep sylvan realm called Ladinion, on the shores of lake Cwm Glas. Ladinion was destroyed when a nearby mountain exploded due to the power of the Queen of Air and Darkness and the terrible Black Diamond that had corrupted her. Since then, the Seelie Court has wandered, never remaining on any plane for long.

Creative origins

The Seelie Court is named after the society of good faeries in Scottish mythology.

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