Saint Eleador

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Greyhawk Character
Saint Eleador the Survivor
Homeland Wanders
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Unknown (apparently 30)
Class Cleric 17
Alignment Neutral good

Saint Eleador the Survivor is a somewhat mysterious figure with the power to gaze through the mists of time. His symbol is a golden chimera.


Eleador appears to be a man of about 30 years of age. He stands 6 feet tall and has blond hair and blue eyes. Over his chain mail he wears deep blue robes emblazoned with his golden chimera symbol. He wields the Mace of Auru, a +3 mace of disruption that dispels evil three times in twenty. He also wears a double strength talisman of pure good.

When Eleador sleeps, he is able to see into the past and future in his dreams. Some sages have speculated that the saint has some natural link to the Plane of Time.


Eleador rides a powerful pegasus whom he befriended on an adventure.


Eleador wanders from plane to plane, rarely bothering to disguise his true appearance.


Eleador prefers peaceful resolution to combat, but is extremely dangerous if forced to fight. He would rather see his loved ones die than betray his principles, and therefore will never surrender or submit to blackmail. He is a powerful foe of the undead.


Eleador was a young priest thrust into extraordinary circumstances when he and the small band of adventurers he was with became the only ones able to prevent the unleashing of a great, monstrous (unnamed) evil. Somehow he prevailed (the fate of the rest of his party is unknown), and a group of deities (likewise unnamed) rewarded Eleador with sainthood. It is speculated that it was Eleador's timesight that truly brought him to the gods' attention, as he was comparatively low-level at the time, with a relatively weak reputation.