Saint Bane

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Greyhawk Character
Saint Bane
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 700+/-
Class Cleric 22/ Fighter 10 (1E)
Alignment Neutral good

Saint Bane the Scourger is a renowned servant of Pelor. Saint Bane is regarded as the patron saint of those who hunt the undead. His symbol is a flaming black trident.


Saint Bane appears as a six-foot tall man of about seventy years, with wild, white hair. It is said that Bane was granted a lifespan ten times that of an ordinary mortal, so it is likely that he has lived for some seven centuries. Bane wears plate armor, bears a shield, and is armed with a flaming trident. He often rides a white, good-aligned creature similar to a nightmare in power.


Saint Bane is a dedicated servant of Pelor. He has a widespread cult in areas threatened by the undead, though his priesthood is small and comparatively weak.

Bane has made several powerful enemies in is career, not the least of whom is Orcus.


Saint Bane wanders the planes, and often journeys into the Abyss.


It is said that Bane, early in his career, accomplished the incredible task of slaying three vampires. As he rose in power, Bane faced ever-deadlier foes, eventually slaying Khuul the Witch-Ghoul, a mighty servant of Orcus who terrorized the northern Flanaess centuries ago. Some say that Bane even went so far as battle the demon lord on his home plane, nearly slaying the Prince of the Undead. Impressed with Bane's valor, Pelor rewarded his mortal servant with sainthood.