Royal Guild of Navigators

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Greyhawk Organization
Royal Guild of Navigators
Founded 305 CY (disbanded 455)
Members Navigators
Headquarters Rauxes

The Royal Guild of Navigators is an organization that existed roughly from 305 - 455 CY under the patronage of the Overkings of the Great Kingdom.

It was the Royal Guild of Navigators that developed a method of navigation by creating a system of longitude and latitude. 0° longitude was established as running through Rauxes while 0° latitude runs along the Oerth's equator. A blue obelisk was raised at the site north of Rauxes at 0 degrees longitude, 30 degrees north latitude in commemoration.

Unfortunately, the Guild fell victim to the factional fighting of the Turmoil Between Crowns (437-455 CY) and ceased to exist during that time, never to recover.