Rowena of the Silverbrow

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Greyhawk Character
Rowena of the Silverbrow
Rowena, as portrayed by Larry Elmore in Isle of the Ape (1985)
Homeland Vesve Forest
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Ranger 16
Alignment Neutral good

Rowena of the Silverbrow held, at least at one point, the position of Marshal of the Vesve.


Rowena is at or near the human limits in strength, beauty, dexterity, and constitution. Her mental skills are also superb. She fights with magical arrows and a battle axe. As Marshal of the Vesve, she led thousands of troops against Iuz, working with the elves and the Circle of Eight.

Rowena is a worshipper of Ehlonna.


Rowena is an ally of the Circle of Eight. Franz, Reynard, and Rakehell were all attracted to her. She thinks Franz is "stuffy" but admires him nonetheless. She does not want Reynard Yargrove anywhere near her.


Rowena was among the adventuring party including Agath of Thrunch, Franz, Lord Torkeep, Reynard Yargrove, Rakehell Chert, and Warnes Starcoat who rescued the Crook of Rao from the Isle of the Ape.