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Greyhawk Author
Rose Estes
First Greyhawk work Master Wolf

Rose Estes is the author of many fantasy and science fiction books, including full length novels and multiple choice gamebooks. After contributing extensively to TSR's Dungeons and Dragons Endless Quest series (of which she wrote the first six, as well as others later down the line), she wrote her first full length novel, Children of the Dragon (1985). She continued to write for TSR by writing six volumes in a series of Greyhawk novels. She contributed to other series, but continued to write books and start series of her own that, like Children of the Dragon, take place in a fantasy or science fiction world created by her own imagination.

Rose Estes began reading at the age of two, and as a child she was already imagining fantastic places. Before becoming a writer, she "put in time as a hippie, a student, a newspaper reporter, and an advertising copy writer" (Estes, Children of the Dragon, Random House 1985, from the about the author, page 207 -208). She has traveled extensively throughout the Americas. She has three children.


Greyhawk Adventures

  • Master Wolf (Greyhawk Adventures, Vol. 3) (1987)
  • The Price of Power (Greyhawk Adventures, Vol. 4) (1987)
  • The Demon Hand (Greyhawk Adventures, Vol. 5) (1988)
  • The Name of the Game (Greyhawk Adventures, Vol. 6) (1988)
  • Dragon in Amber (Greyhawk Adventures, Vol. 7) (1988) (It is disputed whether or not this book exists.)
  • The Eyes Have It (Greyhawk Adventures, Vol. 8) (1989) (This book is often given no "vol." number.)


Mountain of Mirrors was converted into an adventure for the computer game Neverwinter Nights. [1]

Her novel, Greyhawk Adventure vol. 7, The Eyes have It, uses the exact same cover artwork (a Keith Parkinson painting) as the first Endless Quest Crimson Crystal Adventures gamebook, Riddle of the Griffon by Susan Lawson.

In some instances, Dragon in Amber is listed as Greyhawk Adventure vol. 7 by Rose Estes. However, it is strongly suspected that this book does not exist. Perhaps as a result of the confusion, the next book in the series, The Eyes Have It, is listed neither as vol.7 nor vol.8 (but is instead given no number, and sometimes not directly identified as part of the Greyhawk Adventures series), on most websites as well as official Dungeons and Dragons publications.

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