Ring of Five

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Greyhawk Organization
Ring of Five
Type Wizardly circle
Members Unknown
Leader Zagyg
Headquarters Castle Greyhawk
Enemies Circle of Eight (rivals)

The Ring of Five is a group of five powerful archmages who watch the comings and goings in the Tower of Power in Castle Greyhawk.


At some point Zagig Yragerne gathered four other archmages and formed a secret society based within his castle. Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk suggested they were no longer active in the present day (597 CY), after their apprentices were "ably" defeated by Vayne. They were still active at the time of the adventure Greyhawk Ruins (580 CY).


The members of the Ring of Five are rumored to include Zagyg, Jaran Krimeah, Leomund, Melf, and Serten, though some of these names would conflict with other canonical information about these characters. For example, Serten is said to have been a cleric, not an archmage, and Melf is only mid-level. Only one of these characters are evil, while the alignments of their apprentices suggest three are evil.

The five archmages have five apprentices with high strength, dexterity, and charisma. Their suggested names and alignments are: Kalbe (neutral, an apprentice of Zagig and a worshipper of Boccob), Mitt (neutral good), Sindar Sirion (neutral evil), Zelcon (lawful evil), and Ussisemeel (chaotic evil). They are primarily consumed with gaining power and knowledge from their masters, and put their alignments aside in order to cooperate with one another.


The wizards of the Ring of Five have each created a demiplane, and all five are accessible from beneath Castle Greyhawk in a black convex portal. They own many of the most valuable treasures in the Tower of Power.


The Ring of Five are said to be rivals of the Circle of Eight.


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