Rillifane Rallathil

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Greyhawk Deity
Rillifane Rallathil
The Leaflord, Rillifane Rallathil.
Title(s) The Leaflord, the Wild One, the Great Oak, the Many-Branched, the Many-Limbed
Home Plane Olympian Glades of Arborea or Seelie Court
Power Level Intermediate
Gender Male
Class(es) Cleric 14, druid 14, ranger 15, magic-user 12, illusionist 12, monk 10, bard 10
Alignment Chaotic good
Portfolio Woodlands, Nature, Wood Elves, Druids
Domains Celerity, Chaos, Good, Mysticism, Plant, Protection, Travel
Alias(es) Bear, Eagle, Raven, Wolf, Relkath of the Infinite Branches, Magnar the Bear
Superior Corellon Larethian

Rillifane Rallathil is the elven god of Nature, and the patron deity of wood elves. His symbol is an oak tree. His sacred animals are forest birds.


Rillifane is often depicted as a giant ethereal oak tree so vast that his roots mingle with the roots of every other plant in the world. He also manifests as a green-skinned elf clad in bark armor and carrying a magic bow that slays any target hit by one of its arrows.

Rillifane is quiet, reflective, patient, and enduring. He is the least flighty and whimsical of the Seldarine, tending to be grave and self-absorbed.


Rillifane is on good terms with other members of the Seldarine, and considers the centaur deity Skerrit the Forester a close friend. Rillifane is closely allied with Emmantiensien, the god of treants. The two tree-gods engage in slow, seemingly endless conversations when the Seelie Court comes to Arvandor or Rillifane visits the Court (where he is always welcome).

Rillifane Rallathil is also allied with Baervan Wildwanderer, Cyrrollalee, Sheela Peryroyl, Oberon, Titania, Verenestra, and various Animal Lords. His foes include the Queen of Air and Darkness and the gods of the drow.

Rillifane is occasionally at odds with Solonor Thelandira, who he disagrees with on the issue of sport hunting; Solonor revels in it, while Rillifane forbids it.

Rillifane is served by a host of great spirits, including Bear, Eagle, Raven, Wolf, and others.


The gigantic oak tree that is Rillifane Rallathil can be found at the heart of Arvandor, the High Forest of Olympus. There, he draws into himself the ebb and flow of the seasons and lives within the forests of the wood elves.


Rillifane's worshippers are taught that the Great Oak draws energy from all living things, simultaneously protecting them from exterior threats. They are urged to live in harmony with nature, serving as the Leaflord's mortal agents in defending the forests from those who would overuse their resources.


Wood elves consider Rillifane their patron deity. Wood elves that do not worship Rillifane often worship Skerrit the Forester; as the two deities are good friends, there is no conflict between their worshippers. Rillifane is also revered by many voadkyn, and halflings, centaurs. and gnomes who live near elven woodlands also pay him homage.


Rillifane's priests (who are druids 75% of the time) wear dark green vestments, tree bark armor, and a laurel wreaths on their heads. They are the spiritual and moral leaders of most wood elf tribes. Novice priests are called Acorns, while full priests are known as Oakhearts. High-ranking priests have unique titles of their own.


Temples to Rillifane Rallathil are huge oak trees with platforms and vine bridges in their branches. Smaller oaks may serve as shrines.

Holy days

  • The Budding is held on the 4th of Growfest. It is a joyful celebration of new life celebrated through dance and song in oak groves in the heart of the forest. A ritual hunt of a noble heart is held on this day, after which the venison is eaten to break the fast of the faithful. It is a celebration of Rillifane's bounty.
  • The Transformation is held on the 4th of Brewfest, and is a time of dancing and spiritual rebirth, marking the beginning of autumn and the promise that spring will come again.


Carved items are sacrificed to the Leaflord on his holy days.

Creative origins

James M. Ward created Rillifane Rallathil for Deities and Demigods (1980).


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