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Greyhawk Character
Riggby the Patriarch
The late Riggby, as depicted in Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (2007).
Homeland Verbobonc
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Cleric
Alignment Neutral

Riggby (also known as Riggby the Patriarch) was a major cleric of Boccob and a companion of the archmage Mordenkainen.


In his prime, Riggby had black hair and chestnut-colored eyes. He customarily wore robes of light gray and off-white. He was a fiery evangelist for his uncaring deity, often demanding that unbelievers convert or die. He pursued temporal power in order to better maintain the spirituality of those among him. Besides Boccob, he also revered Zagyg.


Riggby was an adventuring companion of Mordenkainen, Bigby, Yrag, and Lord Robilar, and a founding member of the Citadel of Eight.

Among his enemies, Riggby counted the mage Eli Tomorast, the demon Kerzit, and the demigod Iuz.


Yrag, Mordenkainen, Bigby, and Riggby, as depicted in Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure (1984).

Riggby began his career as a priest at a small chapel. At some point, he met with Mordenkainen and other members of an adventuring band the wizard was forming, and soon became a founding member of the Citadel of Eight.

Riggby was one of the adventurers, along with Mordenkainen, Bigby and Yrag, who delved into Maure Castle to face off against Eli Tomorast and the demon Kerzit. Riggby, along with Mordenkainen's Citadel of Eight, also delved into the dungeons underneath the Temple of Elemental Evil.

In 570 CY, Riggby accompanied Lord Robilar into the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk in an ill-fated attempt to free, and then permanently kill, Iuz, who had been imprisoned in the Godtrap since 505 CY by Zagig Yragerne. Sometime after the release of Iuz, Riggby settled down in Verbobonc as the head of city's great temple of Boccob, and spent much of the balance of his life in retirement from adventuring.


In 597 CY, Riggby died of natural causes in Verbobonc, as depicted in Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. His body was taken to Greyhawk for burial. It would be Riggby's death that set in motion the latest of Iuz's gambits to destroy the city, take vengeance on Mordenkainen and Robilar, and strike out for domination of the Flanaess.

Creative origins

As with many of the original Greyhawk characters, Riggby grew out of a character played by Gary Gygax during the first campaigns run by him and Robert J. Kuntz. Riggby originated as one of a series of "henchmen" characters who followed Mordenkainen, and was named by Kuntz employing a serial naming convention (all the names ended in "-igby") that also yielded the name Bigby. He first appeared in print is in the 1980 supplement The Rogues Gallery, and was revised four years later by Kuntz for use as a player character in Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure.