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Greyhawk Holiday
Richfest, as depicted in The Adventure Begins (1998). Art by David Roach.
Frequency Annual
Date(s) Richfest 1-7
Type Varies
Observed by Flanaess-wide
Significance Midsummer week

Richfest is the third of the Greyhawk Calendar's four festival weeks. Celene is full once again and high summer officially begins. Midsummer Night (Richfest 4) is the one night of the year when both moons, Celene and Luna, are full; all lycanthropes are active during this time, and things of great portent are likely to occur (depending on the positions of the wandering stars in the lairs of the Zodiac). Richfest is a weeklong holiday among the halflings of Elmshire. Followers of the Old Faith and Sotillion consider Richfest an important time of year.

Holidays and celebrations

Holidays celebrated during Richfest include the Sacred Days of Sotillion, the Summer Solstice (Richfest 4), Giving Day, Enlighteningtide, Brilliance Celebration, Guild Days, Foundation Day, and the elven celebration of Agelong (Richfest 4).


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