Reynard Yargrove

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Greyhawk Character
Reynard Yargrove
Reynard Yargrove, as depicted by Larry Elmore in Isle of the Ape
Homeland Dreadwood Forest
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Druid 14
Alignment Neutral

Reynard Yargrove, also known as Reynardia, is the Great Druidess of the Sheldomar Valley. She was among the adventuring party including Agath of Thrunch, Franz, Lord Torkeep, Rowena of the Silverbrow, Warnes Starcoat, and Rakehell Chert who rescued the Crook of Rao from the Isle of the Ape.


Reynard is a worshiper of Obad-hai, and supreme among the druids of the Old Faith in the Sheldomar. She thinks Agath is sanctimonious, but is strangely attracted to Rowena (who, in turn, doesn't want her anywhere near her).

Reynard is on good terms with King Kimbertos Skotti, who she shared a friendship with in her youth. She makes no formal allegiance to the crown, but the king generally follows her advice regarding the settlement and exploration of the Dreadwood.


Reynard was originally written as a male druid, but was changed at the last minute, possibly by one Penny Petticord. A male druid is illustrated throughout the book except in Reynard's character description.