Return to the Keep on the Borderlands

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Greyhawk Source
Return to the Keep
on the Borderlands
Return to the Keep01.jpg
Type Adventure module
Code/ Abbreviation RttKotB
Edition 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Author(s) John D. Rateliff
First Published 1999
Series The Keep on the Borderlands, Return to the Keep on the Borderlands
Classification Apocryphal

Return to the Keep on the Borderlands is an adventure module for 2nd Edition AD&D. It was set twenty years after the events of The Keep on the Borderlands, and featured a fully re-stocked Caves of Chaos. Although the original B2 publication was generic in terms of setting, the 1999 Return located the Keep in the World of Greyhawk. However, the placement of the Keep in Greyhawk was in tension with many details in the sequel, such as several non-Greyhawk deities, nations, and peoples. Indeed, at least two of the NPC descriptions refer to details from the Mystara setting rather than Greyhawk.


Andrew Byers, in his review of the adventure, stated "If you're not nostalgic about the early days of D&D ... don't buy this book. But if you're interested in reliving (or experiencing for the first time) those first few roleplaying adventures ... I don't think you'll be disappointed."


On the Mystara mailing list, Sean K. Reynolds is quoted as saying, "RTTKOTB was never supposed to be a GH product. It was a core product, designed with some Babylonian/Sumerian deities (_not_ Mystaran deities), and the GH logo was added late in the production schedule, and nobody caught it in time."

"It wasn't supposed to be a GH book, it's not a GH book, it's not a Mystara book, and so he could have suggested it be near the City of Greyhawk or Glantri for all it matters. It's just a suggestion, it's not canon, it doesn't matter. Previous canon location of the old adventure doesn't matter (note that apparently the first printing of the original actually had a GH location listed in it, which was dropped in later printings), since this is a _core D&D_ adventure and doesn't require any of our other world material." [1]


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