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Greyhawk Deity
Home Plane Unknown
Power Level Unknown
Gender Female
Alignment Unknown
Portfolio Fire
Superior Lendor

Before her death, Ranet was the goddess of Fire in the Suel pantheon.


When Ranet was goddess of fire, the emphasis was flame as a giver of life, implying Ranet was at least somewhat benign in temperament. Ranet has some connection to serpents, and may manifest as a giant serpent queen.

If she is the "Suloise snake goddess" described in Ivid the Undying, which is not at all certain, she has strangely alien features, with almond-shaped eyes and short-cropped hair.


Ranet was poisoned by Pyremius, who took her portfolio, corrupting it from a life-giving element to a force of pure destruction.


Ranet is not known to have any worshipers in the present day, though it's conceivable that she is the "Suloise snake goddess" mentioned in Ivid the Undying and From the Ashes. This goddess is worshipped on the Isle of Serpents and in the Vale of the Lamia, although it is possible that there are two separate Suel snake goddesses. The Scarlet Brotherhood and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer suggest the snake goddess may be Beltar, while Ivid the Undying speculates that she may be an otherwise unknown aspect of Wee Jas.

It's also possible that Ranet is the "kindly god of darkness" worshipped by subterranean humans beneath the forgotten city of Xuxulieto, as her temple is near where they dwell. She might have become a deity of darkness after losing dominion over fire.


A temple to Ranet is said to exist beneath the city of Xuxulieto, guarded by a gigantic serpent-queen (possibly an aspect or avatar or Ranet herself).


Ranet was poisoned and weakened by Pyremius at some time during the height of the Suloise Imperium.

Creative origins

Ranet was created by David Cook for the adventure Dwellers of the Forbidden City (1981).

Publishing history

Very little about Ranet was known until the publication of The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999), when author Sean K. Reynolds identified her as a former Suel goddess of fire poisoned by Pyremius, the god of assassins. Her present status, except that she had lost the portfolio of Fire, was unrevealed, although Complete Divine claimed that the deity poisoned by Pyremius (unnamed in that book) was killed. Exactly what guards the temple in the Forbidden City remains a mystery; Dwellers of the Forbidden City implied it was Ranet herself, though there are other possible readings. It's possible that some part of Ranet remains alive; gods and similar entities are notoriously difficult to do away with entirely.


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