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Greyhawk Deity
Ralishaz, the Unlooked For, as depicted in Dragon #71 (1983).
Title(s) The Unlooked For
Home Plane Limbo
Power Level Intermediate
Gender male
Alignment Chaotic neutral (chaotic evil tendencies)
Portfolio Chance, Ill Luck, Misfortune, Insanity
Domains Chaos, Destruction, Luck
Alias(es) none
Superior none

Ralishaz is the god of Chance, Ill Luck, Misfortune, and Insanity. His holy symbol is composed of three sticks of bone.


Ralishaz's appearance constantly shifts and changes, one moment beautiful the next hideous, one moment male the next female, or any other such combination of opposites.


Ralishaz is allied with Kurell, despised by Norebo, and opposed by Rudd.

Ralishaz shuns the other gods, although he doesn't appear to harbor any particular hatred for any one of them.


Ralishaz's realm is located in Limbo and is called the Kiss of Luck.


Ralishaz teaches that Order does not exist; only Random Chance exists. Ralishaz teaches that insane people are the ones who are most in tune with the true nature of the universe.


Ralishaz's church is most prevalent in Ull and the Bandit Kingdoms.


Ralishaz's clerics tend to display both fatalism and stoicism, mixed with recklessness and wild endeavor. They see little point in being kind to anyone, since the person will eventually be cursed with bad luck.


Worship services to Ralishaz include playing semi-random notes on musical instruments, babbling paeans, casting augury spells, and wild interplays of complete opposites; light and darkness, heat and cold, noise and quiet.


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