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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) Mother of Monsters
Home Plane Positive Energy Plane
Power Level Elder Evil
Gender Female
Class(es) n/a
Alignment Neutral evil
Portfolio The corruption or creation of life
Domains n/a
Alias(es) None
Superior None

Ragnorra, Mother of Monsters, is a primal force from the first age of creation, before the coming of the gods.


Ragnorra is a bloated mass of corrupted positive energy made flesh, over a mile in diameter and trailing a cloud of proto-living matter over 200 miles long. She first manifests in a world she is attempting to invade as a fiery red comet, her descent through the atmosphere nearly obliterating her form. Then, in the impact crater, she manifests as a great worm, growing pseudopods and a gigantic face as she slowly rebuilds herself. She seeds the world with spores that become hideous monsters, the "progeny of Ragnorra." All living things eventually become connected to her through a network of veins and tendrils known as the worldskin, if she is not stopped.


Ragnorra continuously travels in a loop through the planes, beginning in the Positive Energy Plane and also crossing the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, the Prime Material Plane and the Plane of Shadow before returning to the Positive Energy Plane once more. The cycle is supposed to take 1,500 years in total, although it is also claimed that each leg of the journey takes 500 years, which would make a cycle of 2,500 years in all.


Ragnorra has a vast mind, but she is not conscious as humans understand it. Dreaming, she instinctively follows trails of life, seeking to corrupt and create and undo the "errors" of the gods, replacing divine creation with a painful, cancerous new reality more pleasing to her.


A planewalking cult known as the Malshapers has come to worship Ragnorra and seek to guide her travels between worlds. They choose a world that is not their own and use life from it to create a "trail" through the multiverse, guiding Ragnorra toward their chosen target.

One prominent leader of the Malshapers is Irthicax Vane, a violet-skinned humanoid of the zenythri race (humans whose bloodline have been touched by planar beings of pure law) whose world was transformed by Ragnorra's horrors. He was once a hero who worked to save everyone he could on his homeworld by leading them to planar portals, but now he is mad, and serves Ragnorra instead from his home on the Plane of Shadow.

Myths and legends

According to myth, Ragnorra birthed horrors that plagued the world in ancient times, before the gods cast her into a space between the planes.

A circle of runes hovering in the silver sky of the Astral Plane, created by the Malshapers, tells the story of Ragnorra and warns of her return. Some sages have determined that these runes are written over older runes, incorporating the older runes into their design, and these runes are written over still other runes, and each group of runes described a different return of Ragnorra. Some have speculated that she returns to the Prime Material Plane every 1,500 years, each time wiping out or mutating into unrecognizability all mortals on the world, and replacing the races with her own spawn.