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Greyhawk Character
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Fighter 4
Alignment Lawful evil

Quij was an orcish fighter and a henchman of Robilar.


Quij was Robilar's henchman, which brought him into association with Riggby, Otto, Terik, and other members of the Citadel of Eight.


After killing a troll single-handedly in the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk, Quij advanced a level.

Quij accompanied Robilar and Riggby on the ill-fated expedition to free Iuz from Zagyg's Godtrap in 570 CY.

Robilar and Quij ventured to the Temple of Elemental Evil in approximately 579 CY, leaving Quij to wait outside the temple guarding his carpet of flying and pair of griffons while Robilar ventured into the depths to plunder the dungeons beneath. By the time Robilar emerged, the bored Quij had made a poncho for himself out of the magic carpet.

After Robilar's keep west of Greyhawk was sacked by the forces of Good, Quij went off on his own, and his present whereabouts are a mystery. It has been suggested that he rejoined other members of Robilar's scattered forces in the Pomarj.


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