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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Vesve Forest
Gender Male
Race Human (quasi-deity)
Age Circa 300 (or more)
Class Ranger
Alignment Unknown

Quaal, also spelled Quall, was a ranger of Flan descent and a crafter of magic, once part of the famed Company of Seven. After many adventures, he rose to the status of quasi-deity.


Quaal is described in Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk as a slender man wearing a chain shirt and carrying a rapier surrounded by floating feathers. His shirt, Quaal's surreptitious armor of expedience, is crafted from mithral and etched with runes. It grants him the ability to fly, among other powers relating to movement and concealment. Dark feathers and a rabbit's foot hang near the waist. His half-cloak, Quaal's cloak, is a leather garment, snow-white in hue and covered in feathers. Any feather he removes from the cloak acts as a Quaal's feather token.


As a former member of the Company of Seven, Quaal is a former adventuring companion of Zagig Yragerne, Heward, Keoghtom, Murlynd, Nolzur, and Tasha. He has granted copies of his Quaal's cloak to rangers and swanmays who have earned his favor due to their efforts against the evils of the northlands.


Quaal was born among the woodsmen of the Vesve Forest. As an early member of the Company of Seven, he fought alongside the paladin Murlynd and others. In 318 CY the Company of Seven undertook an expedition to the ruins of the lost Flan citadel of Veralos. They were successful, discovering the location of Veralos and returning with a wagon-load of wondrous treasures. The many adventures of the group carried them even to other planes of existence.

Relatively quickly, however, Quaal wearied of the endless traveling and self-indulgent nature of the other members of the party, and returned to Oerth to defend the Wolf Nomads and Rovers of the Barrens from the depredations of Blackmoor. Eventually, he returned to his homeland in the Vesve, organizing a society of rangers and founding the town of Quaalsten.

Quaal learned spellcrafting enough to fabricate original magic items late in his career, but he never stopped wielding his sword as a fearless warrior.

Magic items

Quaal is responsible for the creation of Quaal's cloak, Quaal's feather tokens, and Quaal's surreptitious armor of expedience.


Quaal is thought to have authored the following works:

  • Subconscious Repercussions of Pyromancy (DR#82.57)


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