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Greyhawk Deity
Pyremius, the Blazing Killer, as depicted in Dragon #89 (1984).
Title(s) The Blazing Killer, the Demon of Venom, the Hideous Assassin, the Murdering Flame
Home Plane Gray Waste of Hades
Power Level Lesser
Gender male
Alignment Neutral Evil
Portfolio Assassins, Fire, Poison, Murder
Domains Destruction, Evil, Fire
Alias(es) none
Superior Lendor

Pyremius is the Suel god of Assassins, Fire, Poison, and Murder. His symbol is a demonic face with ears like a bat's wings (this is the head of a yagnaloth).


Pyremius is depicted as a hideous human with a bald, jermlaine-like head. He wears large bracers of brass. He wields a sword, the Red Light of Hades, and a whip called the Viper of Hades

Pyremius speaks through open flames, and occasionally causes them to assume his visage.


Pyremius's closest allies are the goddess Syrul and the Oinoloth Mydianchlarus. He is distrustful of all other gods; he remembers how he betrayed Ranet, the previous Suel deity of fire, and doesn't wish for the same thing to happen to him. Geshtai particularly loathes him.


Pyremius's realm in Niflheim is called the Black Volcano.


Pyremius teaches that destruction by fire is the destiny of the world, and that those who are foolish enough to be poisoned or otherewise murdered by stealth deserve their fate. Pyremius urges his followers to burn those who threaten them and to murder those who keep them from getting what they want.


Pyremius is very popular in the lands ruled by the Scarlet Brotherhood, as well as among assassins and pyromaniacs. He is also worshipped by jermlaine, firenewts, and grimlocks.


Clerics of Pyremius are never granted spells related to cold. The lowest-ranking priests are known as "deathseekers;" those higher up in the hierarchy are known as vipers, and those who rule them all are called firelords. Many elect not to use these titles, however, knowing they will only incite jealousy from their murderous inferiors. Many clergymembers are assassins.

Priests of the god work to create poisons, explore places of great heat, practice stealth, and observe people to ascertain their weaknesses.

Clerics wear orange silk with red silk over that, slitted to reveal the inner layer. Male and female clerics both shave their heads. They wear brass bracers in imitation of their deity.


Pyremius' temples are made of mortared stone, volcanic stone if possible. Red and orange shapes are enameled into the walls and glazed to reflect the lights. Dark alcoves and chambers fuel a visitor's sense of paranoia.

The largest center of Pyremius' faithful is Hesuel Ilshar, the capital of the empire of the Scarlet Brotherhood.


Sacrifices of slaves and prisoners are conducted at the beginning of winter, spring, and low summer. Victims are poisoned, stabbed, and burnt alive.

Holy days

The faithful of Pyremius meet during hot, dry days when wildfires are common. They meet at the sites of wildfires and pray to their fickle god.


Originally a mere demigod of poison and murder, Pyremius gained his fire aspect centuries ago when he poisoned Ranet, the Suloise fire goddess.


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