Plains of the Paynims

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The Plains of the Paynims, also known simply as the Paynims, is a political state of the Flanaess. The name also applies to the tribes of nomadic horsemen who dwell within these lands.



The Plains of the Paynims are situated in the Baklunish Basin region of the Flanaess, west of Ket and south of Zeif.


The native folk of the Plains of the Paynims are Baklunish with mixed racial characteristics absorbed from subjugated travelers or settled merchants.


The Plains of the Paynims has no central authority; the government consists mainly of various petty tribal khans and amirs ruled by progressively more powerful nobles (orakhans, ilkhans, or shahs) and royalty (padishahs, tarkhans, or kha-khans). There is great variation in particulars of government between nomadic tribes.


The Plains of the Paynims' coat of arms is blazoned thus: Gules, a scimitar per bend sinister or, in dexter chief a cross moline in saltire of the last.