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Greyhawk Character
Philidor the Blue Wizard
Homeland Unknown
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Age Unknown
Class Wizard 25
Alignment Neutral good

Philidor, known as the Blue Wizard and Philidor the Blue, is a powerful mage.


Philidor is human in appearance (though there have been reports of him appearing in elf form while in the Vesve Forest) except for his light blue skin and hair. His eyes are dark blue except for his pale blue corneas. He stands 6'4" and weighs 210 pounds. He appears to be in his mid-thirties. He wears blue robes with a little white or cream edging.

Magical scrying will reveal nothing about him, and it is difficult even to ask him questions about himself. Those who try often find their thoughts become muddled and confused. Philidor is polite and charming, however, and often accepts invitations to social events.

Philidor is also a knowledgeable sage, speaking many languages. He is an expert in astrology, astronomy, history, mathematics, philosophy, sociology, theology, the Upper Planes, and the planes of Acheron and the Abyss. He often pretends to know much less than he does, feigning ignorance about subjects he actually knows a great deal about.


Philidor likely has links to Highfolk, and his home in the Free City of Greyhawk receives many visitors from that land. He has a strong affinity with elves. It is likely that is appearance in the Flanaess is related in some way to the rise of Iuz, and that his subsequent disappearance might therefore have had something to do with the subsequent check against Iuz's expansion.

When Philidor acts, he acts through intermediaries, not directly. His intermediaries include wizards, elves, and even angels. He is a guide, a secret protector, a puppet master, and most of all a mystery.


Philidor is vague about his homeland, saying things like, "I have lived in many lands in my time" or "It's where I'm going that's more important." He does not speak about himself except in riddles. He is very possibly not originally from Oerth.


In Harvester of 583 CY, one year to the day before the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk at the close of the Greyhawk Wars, Philidor appeared in the Free City of Greyhawk. He introduced himself politely to the Guild of Wizardry there, and now pays dues as an associate member.

Philidor was active, with his various servants and pawns, in battling the forces of Iuz in the Vesve Forest. He has been rarely seen since the Great Northern Crusade took back much of the Vesve for the Kingdom of Furyondy, though certain spells and constructs of his creation still exist there.