Orbs of Dragonkind

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Orbs of Dragonkind
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The Orbs of Dragonkind are powerful ancient Suloise artifacts designed to press dragons into servitude.


The Orbs of Dragonkind are eight crystalline artifacts about the size of a human head, each containing the imprisoned essence of a dragon.


Around 3114 SD (-2400 CY), the Suel Imperium fought a series of wars with the monsters of the southern Crystalmist Mountains, what are now called the Hellfurnaces. The leaders of the enemies of the Suel were the so-called Fiery Kings, great families of red and shadow dragons who led armies of orcs (roka in the Suloise tongue), goblins (or chebi), and hobgoblins (hochebi) against the fighters and wizards of the Suel. Working in concert with them were the treacherous Inheritors of the Red Gloom, magic-using worshippers of the evil Pyremius who made common cause with the dragons.

With the aid of Wee Jas and perhaps other gods, Emperor Inzhilem II of the House of Neheli-Arztin began the creation of the eight Orbs of Dragonkind, though they were not completed until at least fifty years later, during the reign of Ubrond Thrideen of the House of Neheli.

During the Great Migrations, Oeridians used Orbs of Dragonkind to capture dragons from the Griff Mountains and Corusk Mountains and force them to battle their enemies. Flights of dragons using magical fear to rout terrified troops were decisive in many battles.


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