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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Suel Imperium (Currently the Plane of Magma)
Gender Male
Race Suel Lich (former Suel human)
Age Centuries old
Class Mage
Alignment Unknown

Oolan is a Suel lich currently dwelling on the Para-Elemental Plane of Magma.


Like most Suel liches, Oolan resembles a human with coarse, leathery skin and eyes that glow with black fire. There are those who allege that even some lesser deities do not know more about magic than Oolan does; whether or not this is true, he is doubtless a formidable opponent.

Unlike most Suel liches, Oolan doesn't bother trying to disguise his true nature from others.


Oolan dwells in the Paraelemental Plane of Magma in a laboratory guarded by golems known as burning men. There he conducts some research whose nature he keeps secret through threats of deadly force.


Oolan was born centuries ago on Oerth, but at some point in the past moved on to other planes of existence.


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