On Hallowed Ground

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Greyhawk Source
On Hallowed Ground
On Hallowed Ground01.jpg
Type Sourcebook
Code/ Abbreviation OHG
Edition AD&D 2nd Edition
Author(s) Colin McComb
First Published October 1996
Classification Canon

On Hallowed Ground is a second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign accessory book containing information about deities' planar domains from twenty separate pantheons. New ideas and rules for priest characters on the planes are included, as well as tips on creating, visiting and surviving divine realms, comprehensive appendices listing gods by pantheon and portfolio, and planar maps.

Though On Hallowed Ground is a Planescape accessory, a number of Greyhawk deities are covered.


  • McComb, Colin. On Hallowed Ground. Lake Geneva, WI: TSR, 1996.