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The Olven Calendar (abbreviated OC) is a method of counting the years among the elves, and is predominantly used by that people.

Year 1 in the Common Year (CY) calendar is equivalent to 4463 in the Olven Calendar. -1 CY is equivalent to 4462 OC. The significance of 1 OC is not known in canon.

Month Name Season
1 Diamondice Winter
2 Yellowillow Spring
3 Snowflowers Spring
4 Blossoms Low Summer
5 Violets Low Summer
6 Berrytime Low Summer
Agelong (Midsummer)
7 Goldfields High Summer
8 Sunflowers High Summer
9 Fruitfall High Summer
10 Brightleaf Autumn
11 Tinklingice Autumn
12 Lacysnows Winter

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