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The Olman Lunar calendar (abbreviated OL) is a method of counting the years among the Olman people, and it remains the dominant calendar used in the Amedio Jungle. This calendar, like the Touv Calendar, is based on the cycles of Celene and Luna, which the Olman call Apocatequil and Mazlateotl, respectively. Each Olman nation adopted different names for the months and days based on their varying patron deities and high priests, resulting in countless variants, although numerically the calendars are identical. Year 1 in the Olman Lunar calendar is the year the Olman of the Amedio declared themselves the true Olman nation.

Year 1 in the Common Year (CY) calendar is equivalent to 805 in the Olman Lunar system. -1 CY is equivalent to 804 OL. Year 591 CY is likewise equivalent to 1395 OL. Year 1 in the Olman calendar is therefore equivalent to -804 CY (see Olman Lunar#Notes for further explanation).


There seems to be a calculation discrepancy from OL to CY in The Scarlet Brotherhood. The text states that "the starting year for the Amedio Olman Calendar is -805 CY," and that the product's "current year" (591 CY, as shown on the accompanying map) is 1395 OL (tSB.64).

However, if 1 OL = -805 CY, then 1395 OL = 590 CY:

1 OL + 1394 OL = 1395 OL
-805 CY + 1394 OL = 589 CY + 1 (to account for the lack of a zero year) = 590 CY

But if 1395 OL = 591 CY:

1395 OL - 1394 OL = 1 OL
591 CY - 1394 OL = -803 CY - 1 (to account for the lack of a zero year) = -804 CY

As failure to account for the lack of a zero year is a common mistake in reckoning conversions, it is probably safest to assume that 1395 OL = 591 CY is correct. Therefore, 1 CY would equal 805 OL (and 1 OL would equal -804 CY):

591 CY - 590 CY = 1 CY
1395 OL - 590 CY = 805 OL