Old Oeridian

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Greyhawk Language
Old Oeridian
Spoken in Former Great Kingdom
Spoken by Oeridians
Language Family Oeridian

Old Oeridian is the language of the Oeridian people. It was completely free of outside influences until the Great Migrations. Its grammar is thus unique and it is almost impossible to translate it into any language other than Common. Many of the books, records, and holy texts of the Aerdi were written in Old Oeridian, and it is still widely known in the lands of the former Great Kingdom.

Selected glossary

Old Oeridian to English

  • Aer: sky
  • Aerdi: sky people
  • Ahmon: sibilant (presumed)
  • Ahmon-Ibor: sibilant beast
  • Astra: heavens
  • Azal: wizard (presumed)
  • Azal'lan: wizard-king
  • Bardinar: glaive of victory (Dra293, 93)
  • Col: with (presumed)
  • Delante: strike down (presumed)
  • Delante-Vinnos: that which strikes down ignorance
  • Deshaand: helper
  • Deshaun: fury (presumed)
  • -di (suffix): people
  • Dira: magical (presumed)
  • Dirawaen: magical road?
  • Dyv: deep, bottomless
  • Fraga: final (presumed)
  • Fragarach: final word
  • Hakul: fire (presumed)
  • Harak: He who comes (presumed)
  • Harak col Hakul Deshaun: He who comes with fire and fury
  • Her: great (presumed)
  • Herzog: great prince (LGG, 24)
  • Ibor: beast (presumed)
  • Issai: ice
  • Keleshe: needle
  • Lan: king (presumed)
  • Mitrik: salvation (presumed; possibly Flan)
  • Nehr: lake
  • Nor: birthplace
  • Nyr: lake
  • Nyr Dyv: deep/bottomless lake, "Lake of Unknown Depths"
  • Orz: humble
  • Rach: word (presumed)
  • Rel: city
  • Sol: sun
  • Solnor: birthplace of the sun
  • Thalos: fortress
  • Tla: snow (DR#265, 57)
  • Vexxin: frigid (DR#265, 57)
  • Vinnos: ignorance (presumed)
  • Waen: road (presumed)
  • Zog: prince (presumed)

English to Old Oeridian

  • Beast: ibor (presumed)
  • Birthplace: nor
  • Bottomless: dyv
  • City: rel
  • Col: with (presumed)
  • Deep: dyv
  • Final: fraga (presumed)
  • Fire: hakul (presumed)
  • Fortress: thalos
  • Frigid: vexxin
  • Fury: deshaun (presumed)
  • Great: her (presumed)
  • Heavens: astra
  • Helper: deshaand
  • Humble: orz
  • Ice: issai
  • Ignorance: vinnos (presumed)
  • King: Lan (presumed)
  • Magical: dira (presumed)
  • Needle: keleshe
  • People: -di
  • Prince: zog (presumed)
  • Road: waen (presumed)
  • Salvation: mitrik (presumed; possibly Flan)
  • Sibilant: ahmon (presumed)
  • Sky: aer
  • Snow: tla
  • Strike down: delante (presumed)
  • Sun: sol
  • Wizard: Azal (presumed)
  • Word: rach (presumed)


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